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Coaches have become the forfront of an athlete’s experience in sport. As a meaningful athlete-coach relationship is becoming increasingly more important to athletes, we’ve created a solution.

Benefits for Coaches

The Coaches Dashboard

A hub of key information

With the Coaches Dashboard, coaches have the ability to gain instant insight into athlete’s wellbeing on a team & individual level. The dashboard allows coaches to compare multiple athletes on the same variable – providing them with indepth insight into their team’s wellness.

Automated Red Flags

Stay updated with your athletes

The iNSPIRE system updates coaches when their athletes track a concerning wellness entry in realtime. This provides coaches with deeper insight and a signal to spark intervention – saving the coach valuable time.

Wellness Reports

All the data a coach needs

As athletes track their wellness, data is recorded, then compiled by the iNSPIRE team to present to you weekly, monthly and yearly reports. Within each easy-to-read report, coaches can see trends over time, engagement levels, and more.

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